Feeling is key – a video needs to leave an impression

Feeling is key – a video needs to leave an impression

Winners of the National Entrepreneurship Awards tell their magnificent stories. The importance of preparatory work should not be underrated.


Good video content stirs emotions. Building the right atmosphere starts with background interviews and developing a screenplay. Filming then draws on the skills of the director, producer and video team.

It’s important to identify the target group for the video content. And to decide how target audiences are best reached.


The National Entrepreneurship Awards are made every year. A prize is seen as the most valuable recognition that an entrepreneur can receive. The aim of the video series was to publicise the awards, and also their recipients, in an interesting and elegant way. A crucial question was how the video should portray the unique story of each entrepreneur and the people behind the businesses being honoured.


We conceptualised the videos as individual, personal, transient portraits. Each video delved into the award-winner’s ideas about enterprise at that moment in time. We wanted to reveal the heartfelt.

Trust between the entrepreneurs and the production team allowed an open and rich expression of emotions. That trust was built up with long background discussions and interviews.

The content was produced for multiple channels, each reinforcing the other. From the reflections of the entrepreneurs and their business stories we also produced illustrated online articles.