First comes clarity of message – then methods and channels

Content production needs to be ongoing, and for several channels. It is crucial to speak to the right target groups.


Top businesses communicate on many channels and produce content for different stages of the customer journey. But the first decision is about what will be communicated and why. The core message must speak to the right target groups.

Content must stress not just continuity but also value to the target group. To ensure quality the content partner needs to understand the business sector and operations in question.



Atradius is a trade credit insurance company with global operations. It holds payment data on 260 million companies. Atradius Finland has wanted to clarify its core messaging, in particular that Adradius = credit insurance.

Credit insurance is an important tool for corporate risk management. The message also has to be delivered to the right target groups.



Core messages are conveyed in written blogs, sales material, videos and video animations.

For example, in the video series we profile four potential trade credit insurance customers. An actor portrays each target group.

The story line is strongly founded on real-life situations. The videos and animations published serve as models internationally.