What is the content core? Know your customer’s business and target groups

What is the content core? Know your customer’s business and target groups

The content partner must be able to offer visions and ideas. The role of passive producer is the wrong path.


Regular content production cannot succeed without a disciplined process that monitors the customer’s business sector and how it is developing, as well as subjects that will interest the target group. This will allow the content partner to devise genuine value-added for the customer and not serve merely as a passive provider.

Content can consist of blogs, articles, videos, animations, podcasts and social media writing. Content planning needs to address several questions:

  • What do you want the content to achieve?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What stage of the customer journey is the focus on?
  • How does the visual element support content and thus the company brand?
  • Where to reach the target group?
  • How to measure success?



Asiakastieto wants to use content to strengthen its status as an expert in the fields where it specialises: financial management, risk management and sales. The services provided by the company are important for the operations of its customers.

Going forward, content should appeal to a broader target audience online.


A new concept has been created for its online content, replacing the story types originally intended for print media which did not serve readers effectively in an online environment. The concept also embedded important keywords.

We also devise and produce content regularly for Asiakastieto Media, intended to stress core customer messaging while supporting sales. The content is at its most appealing when it offers valuable information. Interviewees were selected from among Asiakastieto’s own experts and interesting case companies.

Content effectiveness is measured and analysed together with the customer every month.